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Roxxi Manor  -  Lord of the Rings Online & Guild Wars 2
game Lord of the Rings Online - PC
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We all are friends and family — gathered together under a common call.
Every member matters — their opinions, their worries and their goals… We may not all agree but we will work and strive to help where we can.
We ask that we respect each other — treat each other fairly and above all else have fun — Remember that everyone has different goals in the game. But, none are more important than another.
If a member can help they will but remember they have goals as well and don't try to monopolize their time.

Personal Conduct

All members of Roxxi Manor are required to uphold the dignity, respect and good name of Roxxi Manor. Therefore, we do not tolerate

* Blatant disrespect to guild members or players in general
* “elitist attitudes”

We are a family-friendly guild. Please help us keep guild chat a clean and fun place for our younger members. We ask that you do not cuss or have any adult-oriented conversations in guild chat. If you need to do this, please take it to a private channel.
All members of Roxxi Manor are equal. We all created our characters in the same way, we all start out at level 1 and we will all be treated fairly. If you encounter a problem with a member or officer, please do not hesitate to contact any authority figure you feel comfortable speaking with.


The Roxxi Manor guild is run by the officers — decisions are decided upon by the officers and acted on. Roxxi Manor's founders and the officers decide the guilds direction and policy.


While leaving a guild is an aspect of the competitive nature of an MMO, it is always a tough situation to deal with. There are specifically two situations in which this can happen. Leaving on “good” terms and leaving on “bad” terms.
Leaving on “good” terms gives you the opportunity to return to Roxxi Manor. Prior to leaving, we highly recommend speaking with an officer about your departure so that we may understand your reasoning that perhaps can be fixed or at least brought to our attention. While leaving on “good” terms allows you to potentially return one day, you will:

* Lose all previous rank promotions

Additionally, this extended invitation is only available once, so if you leave and come back and leave again, you will not be eligible for re-admission.
Leaving on “bad” terms will make you ineligible to return. (moral of the story: talk to the officers before you blow your cool)
What we do as individuals reflects on Roxxi Manor — we should strive at all times to represent Roxxi Manor in the best way possible. Be respectful, helpful, courteous and honorable.
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Casual Family Friendly PvP PvE voice TS3
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