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Since Standing Stone has released the pre-purchase packages for Mordor, several kin mates have purchased the Ultimate Fan Bundle who do not need the 30 day VIP time code that comes in their package. Two of our members (so far) have donated their codes to give away to members who CAN make use of them. There is a chance that more people will donate as more people pre-purchase Mordor. I (Ravy) will update the Quantity if any others are donated. At the very least, we have THREE to give away! Here's the contest!

Complete the sentence to the best of your ability. You may add additional sentences to complete your thought. On the day Mordor launches, everyone who enters will be entered into a drawing for the codes. The winners will be selected randomly. A special prize will be given to my favorite entry. Best of luck to all who enter!!

Adventure is in the air! I have my bag packed, my blade sharpened, and all of my supplies are full. I can't wait to walk through the gates of Mordor and/to/for... CLICK ME TO POST

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